Ready-To-Drink: Sunkisser's Cocktails
A German client of mine wanted to develop a new line of ready-to-drink cocktails for launch in the United States, with a particular focus on appealing to young adults.
To achieve this goal, I created 'Sunkisser's Cocktails', which cary a design that can easily accommodate a variety of international cocktails. This design avoids relying on country-specific elements or heavy illustrations. Instead, the variations distinguish themselves through distinctive background colors and different fonts. For example, the French cocktail, Kir Royal, features a distinguished and vintage-inspired type style, while the informal, old-school Pina Colada employs a playful and 'easy-going' type style. 
Coupled with the background colors, each cocktail expresses its unique personality and flavor profile, making it easy for consumers to navigate the product series.
packaging design
2023, freelance project
name & concept • design
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