Starting new collaborations
Great design is not just a question of fancy typography and cool colours. It is grounded in research, strategy and creativity, and it's one of the best way to gain that very first purchase.
When starting a new project, I always approach a project uniquely, considering its complexity, scale, or budget - I firmly believe that creativity loses its value if it's not accompanied by flexibility for the client.
A typical project can be summarized in the following steps:
1 // Introduction and discovering
Everything good starts with mutual understanding: What is your goal, your vision and your challenges? Whether you're all clear about were we're heading or if you've only got a product and an idea, I'll work with deep respect and understanding of your starting point. It all ends in a written brief for your approval
2 // Exploring and researching
How do we achieve the goal of the brief? We'll take a deep dive into the market and let the creativity follow. We try out different ways to find the best possible design, that excites both you and your costumers.
3 // Designing and creating
With you've approved the design direction, we'll start the final phase which involves creating all assets and taking the concept from idea to final product.
I am capable of optimizing existing brands through redesign, product range extensions, or the development of new lineups, but I am equally enthusiastic about collaborating with emerging brands in their initial stages. 
From naming and logo design to packaging design and product photography, I offer insightful creativity to help your brand establish a strong and memorable presence in the market.
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