Encouraging consumers to choose Fairtrade products
How can we encourage consumers to prioritize Fairtrade products in their daily shopping?
Danish people have developed a taste for sustainability, understanding the importance of purchasing organic and locally-sourced products, combating food waste, and reducing their consumption of questionable artificial additives.
While we've made strides in environmental sustainability, we have sometimes overlooked the aspect of sustainability that concerns human well-being. Income inequality has increased, and the climate crisis presents a significant threat to many small, family-owned farms in some of the world's poorest countries.
Danish retail giant, COOP, has never been afraid to lead the way. 
We created a campaign that would kickstart COOP's next project: Fairtrade
Truth is, it's challenging for the most of us, to relate to people who live far away and lead vastly different lives from ours. 
Through our research, we've discovered that consumers find it easier to empathize with the fight against child labor than with the struggle for a living wage. However, these two issues are closely interconnected: when parents can't afford sufficient food for their families, they also can't cover school expenses, often leading to their children working in the fields.
This campaign packaging serves as a means to educate consumers about the Fairtrade label and inspire them to purchase Fairtrade products across various categories.
campaign packaging design
2019, school project
idea & concept • DESIGN • ILLUSTRATION
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